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Welcome to eTeacher Biblical Newsletters!

Welcome to eTeacher Biblical Newsletters!

The Lexicon
Aramaic Translations
Isaac- The father who cried and didn't laugh
The exile from Egypt in Ezekiel- another story.
Sabbath in the bible –origin and meaning
The creation of the great sea monsters
To Learn the Biblical Hebrew
Isaiah 40- is this a different G-d?
The snake- just evil or good and evil?
Some thoughts about Cain and Abel
The Garden of Eden in Ezekiel
The expectations of G-d- Isaiah 5
Amalek – An enemy or someone to hate?
El –Shaddai- One of the first names of G-d
The three crownings of Saul
Circumcision in the Old Testament
The beginning and the end
The servants in the book of Genesis
What happened at dawn?
The teraphim in the Old Testament
Solomon- was he the wisest king?
Moses and Elijah- the most important prophets
The Advice of Ahithophel
Daniel –the prophet who survived with lions
The first born, the first fruits and the first choice
Filling the gaps in Genesis 22:1-2
What happened in the cave?
Jacob and my revelation
Re-starts in the Old Testament?
Seven- is this a number of creation or destruction?
What will give us eternity?
Isaiah 11- coming back to the beginning
Sukkoth- the time to read the Torah